Class OpenID::AX::FetchRequest
In: lib/openid/extensions/ax.rb
Parent: AXMessage

An attribute exchange ‘fetch_request’ message. This message is sent by a relying party when it wishes to obtain attributes about the subject of an OpenID authentication request.



requested_attributes  [R] 
update_url  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Extract a FetchRequest from an OpenID message message: OpenID::Message return a FetchRequest or nil if AX arguments are not present

Public Instance methods

Add an attribute to this attribute exchange request. attribute: AttrInfo, the attribute being requested Raises IndexError if the requested attribute is already present

  in this request.

return the list of AttrInfo objects contained in the FetchRequest

Get the serialized form of this attribute fetch request. returns a hash of the arguments

Get the type URIs for all attributes that have been marked as required.

return the list of requested attribute type URIs