Class OpenID::AX::AttrInfo
In: lib/openid/extensions/ax.rb
Parent: Object

Represents a single attribute in an attribute exchange request. This should be added to an Request object in order to request the attribute.

@ivar required: Whether the attribute will be marked as required

    when presented to the subject of the attribute exchange

@type required: bool

@ivar count: How many values of this type to request from the

     subject. Defaults to one.

@type count: int

@ivar type_uri: The identifier that determines what the attribute

     represents and how it is serialized. For example, one type URI
     representing dates could represent a Unix timestamp in base 10
     and another could represent a human-readable string.

@type type_uri: str

@ivar ns_alias: The name that should be given to this alias in the

     request. If it is not supplied, a generic name will be
     assigned. For example, if you want to call a Unix timestamp
     value 'tstamp', set its alias to that value. If two attributes
     in the same message request to use the same alias, the request
     will fail to be generated.

@type alias: str or NoneType



count  [R] 
ns_alias  [R] 
required  [RW] 
type_uri  [R] 

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