Class OpenID::Server::OpenIDResponse
In: lib/openid/server.rb
Parent: Object

I am a response to an OpenID request.


signed:A list of the names of the fields which should be signed.

Implementer‘s note: In a more symmetric client/server implementation, there would be more types of OpenIDResponse object and they would have validated attributes according to the type of response. But as it is, Response objects in a server are basically write-only, their only job is to go out over the wire, so this is just a loose wrapper around OpenIDResponse.fields.



fields  [RW]  An OpenID::Message with the data to be returned. Keys are parameter names with no leading openid. e.g. identity and mac_key never openid.identity.
request  [RW]  The OpenIDRequest I respond to.

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

form_tag_attrs is a hash of attributes to be added to the form tag. ‘accept-charset’ and ‘enctype’ have defaults that can be overridden. If a value is supplied for ‘action’ or ‘method’, it will be replaced. Returns the form markup for this response.

Wraps the form tag from to_form_markup in a complete HTML document that uses javascript to autosubmit the form.

implements IEncodable