Class OpenID::Yadis::TransformFilterMaker
In: lib/openid/yadis/filters.rb
Parent: Object

Take a list of basic filters and makes a filter that transforms the basic filter into a top-level filter. This is mostly useful for the implementation of make_filter, which should only be needed for special cases or internal use by this library.

This object is useful for creating simple filters for services that use one URI and are specified by one Type (we expect most Types will fit this paradigm).

Creates a BasicServiceEndpoint object and apply the filter functions to it until one of them returns a value.



filter_procs  [R] 

Public Class methods

Initialize the filter maker‘s state

filter_functions are the endpoint transformer Procs to apply to the basic endpoint. These are called in turn until one of them does not return nil, and the result of that transformer is returned.

Public Instance methods

Returns an array of endpoint objects produced by the filter procs.