Class OpenID::Yadis::BasicServiceEndpoint
In: lib/openid/yadis/filters.rb
Parent: Object



service_element  [R] 
type_uris  [R] 
uri  [R] 
yadis_url  [R] 

Public Class methods

Trivial transform from a basic endpoint to itself. This method exists to allow BasicServiceEndpoint to be used as a filter.

If you are subclassing this object, re-implement this function.

Generic endpoint object that contains parsed service information, as well as a reference to the service element from which it was generated. If there is more than one xrd:Type or xrd:URI in the xrd:Service, this object represents just one of those pairs.

This object can be used as a filter, because it implements fromBasicServiceEndpoint.

The simplest kind of filter you can write implements fromBasicServiceEndpoint, which takes one of these objects.

Public Instance methods

A hack to make both this class and its instances respond to this message since Ruby doesn‘t support static methods.

Query this endpoint to see if it has any of the given type URIs. This is useful for implementing other endpoint classes that e.g. need to check for the presence of multiple versions of a single protocol.