Class OpenID::Server::CheckAuthRequest
In: lib/openid/server.rb
Parent: OpenIDRequest

A request to verify the validity of a previous response.

See OpenID Specs, Verifying Directly with the OpenID Provider <>


answer   from_message   new   to_s  


assoc_handle  [RW]  The association handle the response was signed with.
invalidate_handle  [RW]  An association handle the client is asking about the validity of. May be nil.
sig  [RW] 
signed  [RW]  The message with the signature which wants checking.

Public Class methods

Construct me.

These parameters are assigned directly as class attributes.


assoc_handle:the association handle for this request
signed:The signed message
invalidate_handle:An association handle that the relying party is checking to see if it is invalid

Public Instance methods

Respond to this request.

Given a Signatory, I can check the validity of the signature and the invalidate_handle. I return a response with an is_valid (and, if appropriate invalidate_handle) field.