Class OpenID::SReg::Response
In: lib/openid/extensions/sreg.rb
Parent: Extension

Represents the data returned in a simple registration response inside of an OpenID id_res response. This object will be created by the OpenID server, added to the id_res response object, and then extracted from the id_res message by the Consumer.



data  [R] 
ns_uri  [R] 

Public Class methods

Take a Request and a hash of simple registration values and create a Response object containing that data.

Create an Response object from an OpenID::Consumer::SuccessResponse from consumer.complete If you set the signed_only parameter to false, unsigned data from the id_res message from the server will be processed.

Public Instance methods

Read-only hashlike interface. Raises an exception if the field name is bad

Get the fields to put in the simple registration namespace when adding them to an id_res message.