Class OpenID::PAPE::Request
In: lib/openid/extensions/pape.rb
Parent: Extension

A Provider Authentication Policy request, sent from a relying party to a provider



max_auth_age  [RW] 
ns_alias  [RW] 
ns_uri  [RW] 
preferred_auth_policies  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Instantiate a Request object from the arguments in a checkid_* OpenID message return nil if the extension was not requested.

Public Instance methods

Add an acceptable authentication policy URI to this request This method is intended to be used by the relying party to add acceptable authentication types to the request.

Set the state of this request to be that expressed in these PAPE arguments

Given a list of authentication policy URIs that a provider supports, this method returns the subset of those types that are preferred by the relying party.