Class OpenID::Consumer::AssociationManager
In: lib/openid/consumer/associationmanager.rb
Parent: Object

An object that manages creating and storing associations for an OpenID provider endpoint


Public Class methods

Protected Class methods

Public Instance methods

Protected Instance methods

Create an association request for the given assoc_type and session_type. Returns a pair of the association session object and the request message that will be sent to the server.

Attempt to extract an association from the response, given the association response message and the established association session.

Given an association response message, extract the OpenID 1.X session type. Returns the association type for this message

This function mostly takes care of the ‘no-encryption’ default behavior in OpenID 1.

If the association type is plain-text, this function will return ‘no-encryption‘

Make and process one association request to this endpoint‘s OP endpoint URL. Returns an association object or nil if the association processing failed. Raises ServerError when the remote OpenID server returns an error.