Class OpenID::AX::KeyValueMessage
In: lib/openid/extensions/ax.rb
Parent: AXMessage

Abstract class that implements a message that has attribute keys and values. It contains the common code between fetch_response and store_request.



data  [R] 

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

retrieve the list of values for this attribute

Get the extension arguments for the key/value pairs contained in this message.

Add a single value for the given attribute type to the message. If there are already values specified for this type, this value will be sent in addition to the values already specified.

get the number of responses for this attribute

retrieve the list of values for this attribute

Get a single value for an attribute. If no value was sent for this attribute, use the supplied default. If there is more than one value for this attribute, this method will fail.

Parse attribute exchange key/value arguments into this object.

Set the values for the given attribute type. This replaces any values that have already been set for this attribute.