Package openid :: Package test :: Module test_negotiation :: Class TestOpenID1SessionNegotiation
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Class TestOpenID1SessionNegotiation

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Tests for the OpenID 1 consumer association session behavior. See the docs for TestOpenID2SessionNegotiation. Notice that this class is not a subclass of the OpenID 2 tests. Instead, it uses many of the same inputs but inspects the log messages logged with oidutil.log. See the calls to self.failUnlessLogMatches. Some of these tests pass openid2-style messages to the openid 1 association processing logic to be sure it ignores the extra data.

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Inherited from unittest.TestCase: failureException

Instance Methods
Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.
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testBadResponse(self) source code
testEmptyAssocType(self) source code
testEmptySessionType(self) source code
testNotAllowed(self) source code
testUnsupportedWithRetry(self) source code
testValid(self) source code

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Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.

Overrides: support.CatchLogs.setUp