Package openid :: Package test :: Module test_message :: Class OpenID2MessageTest
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Class OpenID2MessageTest

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       object --+    
unittest.TestCase --+

Nested Classes

Inherited from unittest.TestCase: failureException

Instance Methods
Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.
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test_toPostArgs(self) source code
test_toArgs(self) source code
test_toKVForm(self) source code
test_toURLEncoded(self) source code
test_toURL(self) source code
test_getOpenID(self) source code
test_getKeyOpenID(self) source code
test_getKeyBARE(self) source code
test_getKeyNS1(self) source code
test_getKeyNS2(self) source code
test_getKeyNS3(self) source code
test_hasKeyOpenID(self) source code
test_hasKeyBARE(self) source code
test_hasKeyNS1(self) source code
test_hasKeyNS2(self) source code
test_hasKeyNS3(self) source code
test_getArgBARE(self) source code
test_getArgNS(self) source code
test_getArgNS1(self) source code
test_getArgNS2(self) source code
test_getArgNS3(self) source code
test_getArgsOpenID(self) source code
test_getArgsBARE(self) source code
test_getArgsNS1(self) source code
test_getArgsNS2(self) source code
test_getArgsNS3(self) source code
test_updateArgsOpenID(self) source code
test_updateArgsBARE(self) source code
test_updateArgsNS1(self) source code
test_updateArgsNS2(self) source code
test_updateArgsNS3(self) source code
test_setArgOpenID(self) source code
test_setArgBARE(self) source code
test_setArgNS1(self) source code
test_setArgNS2(self) source code
test_setArgNS3(self) source code
Make sure dotted aliases and OpenID protocol fields are not allowed as namespace aliases.
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A failing test for bug #112
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test_112B(self) source code
test_implicit_sreg_ns(self) source code
test_delArgOpenID(self) source code
test_delArgBARE(self) source code
test_delArgNS1(self) source code
test_delArgNS2(self) source code
test_delArgNS3(self) source code
test_overwriteExtensionArg(self) source code
test_argList(self) source code
test_isOpenID1(self) source code
test_isOpenID2(self) source code

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Method Details


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Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.

Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp
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