Package openid :: Package test :: Module test_consumer :: Class TestReturnToArgs
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Class TestReturnToArgs

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Verifying the Return URL paramaters. From the specification "Verifying the Return URL":

   To verify that the "openid.return_to" URL matches the URL that is
   processing this assertion:

    - The URL scheme, authority, and path MUST be the same between the
      two URLs.

    - Any query parameters that are present in the "openid.return_to"
      URL MUST also be present with the same values in the
      accepting URL.

XXX: So far we have only tested the second item on the list above. XXX: _verifyReturnToArgs is not invoked anywhere.

Nested Classes

Inherited from unittest.TestCase: failureException

Instance Methods
Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.
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test_returnToArgsOkay(self) source code
test_returnToArgsUnexpectedArg(self) source code
test_returnToMismatch(self) source code
test_noReturnTo(self) source code
Test GenericConsumer.complete()'s handling of bad return_to values.
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Test GenericConsumer.complete()'s handling of good return_to values.
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Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.

Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp
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