Package openid :: Package test :: Module test_ax :: Class FetchRequestTest
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Class FetchRequestTest

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       object --+    
unittest.TestCase --+

Nested Classes

Inherited from unittest.TestCase: failureException

Instance Methods
Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.
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test_mode(self) source code
test_construct(self) source code
test_add(self) source code
test_addTwice(self) source code
test_getExtensionArgs_empty(self) source code
test_getExtensionArgs_noAlias(self) source code
test_getExtensionArgs_alias_if_available(self) source code
test_getExtensionArgs_alias_req(self) source code
failUnlessExtensionArgs(self, expected_args)
Make sure that getExtensionArgs has the expected result
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test_isIterable(self) source code
test_getRequiredAttrs_empty(self) source code
test_parseExtensionArgs_extraType(self) source code
test_parseExtensionArgs(self) source code
test_extensionArgs_idempotent(self) source code
test_extensionArgs_idempotent_count_required(self) source code
test_extensionArgs_count1(self) source code
test_openidNoRealm(self) source code
test_openidUpdateURLVerificationError(self) source code
test_openidUpdateURLVerificationSuccess(self) source code
test_openidUpdateURLVerificationSuccessReturnTo(self) source code
return None for an OpenIDRequest without AX paramaters.
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return something for SuccessResponse with AX paramaters, even if it is the empty set.
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Method Details


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Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.

Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp
(inherited documentation)

failUnlessExtensionArgs(self, expected_args)

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Make sure that getExtensionArgs has the expected result

This method will fill in the mode.