Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 COIDAuthorizationRequestRepresents an authorization request
 COIDAuthorizationResponseRepresents the response to an authorization request
 COIDAuthorizationServicePerforms various OAuth and OpenID Connect related calls via the user agent or NSURLSession
 COIDAuthorizationService(IOS)Provides iOS specific authorization request handling
 COIDAuthorizationService(Mac)Provides macOS specific authorization request handling
 COIDAuthStateA convenience class that retains the auth state between OIDAuthorizationResponses and OIDTokenResponses
 COIDAuthState(IOS)IOS specific convenience methods for OIDAuthState
 COIDAuthState(Mac)MacOS specific convenience methods for OIDAuthState
 C<OIDAuthStateChangeDelegate>Delegate of the OIDAuthState used to monitor various changes in state
 C<OIDAuthStateErrorDelegate>Delegate of the OIDAuthState used to monitor errors
 COIDEndSessionResponseRepresents the response to an End Session request
 COIDErrorUtilitiesConvenience methods for creating standardized NSError instances
 C<OIDExternalUserAgent>An external user-agent UI that presents displays the request to the user. Clients may provide custom implementations of an external user-agent to customize the way the requests are presented to the end user
 COIDExternalUserAgentIOSAn iOS specific external user-agent that uses the best possible user-agent available depending on the version of iOS to present the request
 COIDExternalUserAgentIOSCustomBrowserAn implementation of the OIDExternalUserAgent protocol for iOS that uses a custom browser (i.e. not Safari) for external requests. It is suitable for browsers that offer a custom url scheme that simply replaces the "https" scheme. It is not designed for browsers that require other modifications to the URL. If the browser is not installed the user will be prompted to install it
 COIDExternalUserAgentMacA Mac-specific external user-agent UI Coordinator that uses the default browser to present an external user-agent request
 C<OIDExternalUserAgentSession>Represents an in-flight external user-agent session
 COIDIDTokenA convenience class that parses an ID Token and extracts the claims but does not verify its signature. AppAuth only supports the OpenID Code flow, meaning ID Tokens received by AppAuth are sent from the token endpoint on a TLS protected channel, offering some assurances as to the origin of the token. You may wish to additionally verify the ID Token signature using a JWT signature verification library of your choosing
 COIDRedirectHTTPHandlerStart a HTTP server on the loopback interface (i.e. to receive the OAuth response redirects on macOS
 COIDRegistrationRequestRepresents a registration request
 COIDRegistrationResponseRepresents a registration response
 COIDScopeUtilitiesProvides convenience methods for dealing with scope strings
 COIDServiceConfigurationRepresents the information needed to construct a OIDAuthorizationService
 COIDServiceDiscoveryRepresents an OpenID Connect 1.0 Discovery Document
 COIDTokenRequestRepresents a token request
 COIDTokenResponseRepresents the response to an token request
 COIDTokenUtilitiesProvides data encoding/decoding methods, random string generators, etc
 COIDURLSessionProviderA NSURLSession provider that allows clients to provide custom implementation for NSURLSession