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Last Update: Fri Feb 19 07:27:58 -0800 2010

This directory contains several examples that demonstrate use of the OpenID library. Make sure you have properly installed the library before running the examples. These examples are a great place to start in integrating OpenID into your application.

Rails example

The rails_openid contains a fully functional OpenID server and relying party, and acts as a starting point for implementing your own production rails server. You‘ll need the latest version of Ruby on Rails installed, and then:

 cd rails_openid

Open a web browser to localhost:3000/ and follow the instructions.

The relevant code to work from when writing your Rails OpenID Relying Party is:


If you are working on an OpenID provider, check out


Since the library and examples are Apache-licensed, don‘t be shy about copy-and-paste.

Rails ActiveRecord OpenIDStore plugin

For various reasons you may want or need to deploy your ruby openid consumer/server using an SQL based store. The active_record_openid_store is a plugin that makes using an SQL based store simple. Follow the README inside the plugin‘s dir for usage.