# File lib/openid/consumer/discovery.rb, line 329
  def self.arrange_by_type(service_list, preferred_types)
    # Rearrange service_list in a new list so services are ordered by
    # types listed in preferred_types.  Return the new list.

    # Build a list with the service elements in tuples whose
    # comparison will prefer the one with the best matching service
    prio_services = []

    service_list.each_with_index { |s, index|
      prio_services << [best_matching_service(s, preferred_types), index, s]


    # Now that the services are sorted by priority, remove the sort
    # keys from the list.
    (0...prio_services.length).each { |i|
      prio_services[i] = prio_services[i][2]

    return prio_services