Class TestOpenID1SessionNegotiation


Tests for the OpenID 1 consumer association session behavior. See

the docs for TestOpenID2SessionNegotiation. Notice that this class is not a subclass of the OpenID 2 tests. Instead, it uses many of the same inputs but inspects the log messages logged with oidutil.log. See the calls to $this->failUnlessLogMatches. Some of these tests pass openid2-style messages to the openid 1 association processing logic to be sure it ignores the extra data.

Located in /Tests/Auth/OpenID/Negotiation.php (line 203)

Method Summary
setUp (line 204)
void setUp ()
testBadResponse (line 214)
void testBadResponse ()
testEmptyAssocType (line 222)
void testEmptyAssocType ()
testEmptySessionType (line 236)
void testEmptySessionType ()
testNotAllowed (line 250)
void testNotAllowed ()
testUnsupportedWithRetry (line 269)
void testUnsupportedWithRetry ()
testValid (line 288)
void testValid ()

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