Class Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML


This class is responsible for scanning an HTML string to find META tags and their attributes. This is used by the Yadis discovery process. This class must be instantiated to be used.

Located in /Auth/Yadis/ParseHTML.php (line 23)

Method Summary
 Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML ()
 mixed getHTTPEquiv (string $html_string)
Constructor Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML (line 46)
Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML Auth_Yadis_ParseHTML ()
getHTTPEquiv (line 240)

Looks for a META tag with an "http-equiv" attribute whose value is one of ("x-xrds-location", "x-yadis-location"), ignoring case. If such a META tag is found, its "content" attribute value is returned.

  • return: The "content" attribute value of the META tag, if found, or null if no such tag was found.
mixed getHTTPEquiv (string $html_string)
  • string $html_string: An HTML document in string format

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