Class Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse


Represents the data returned in a simple registration response inside of an OpenID C{id_res} response. This object will be created by the OpenID server, added to the C{id_res} response object, and then extracted from the C{id_res} message by the Consumer.

Located in /Auth/OpenID/SReg.php (line 417)

Variable Summary
 mixed $ns_alias
Method Summary
 static void extractResponse ( $request,  $data)
 static void fromSuccessResponse ( $success_response, [ $signed_only = true])
 Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse ([ $data = null], [ $sreg_ns_uri = Auth_OpenID_SREG_NS_URI])
 void contents ()
 void get ( $field_name, [ $default = null])
mixed $ns_alias = 'sreg' (line 419)

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static extractResponse (line 445)

Take a C{L{SRegRequest}} and a dictionary of simple registration values and create a C{L{SRegResponse}} object containing that data.

request: The simple registration request object

data: The simple registration data for this response, as a dictionary from unqualified simple registration field name to string (unicode) value. For instance, the nickname should be stored under the key 'nickname'.

void extractResponse ( $request,  $data)
  • $request
  • $data
static fromSuccessResponse (line 474)

Create a C{L{SRegResponse}} object from a successful OpenID

library response (C{L{openid.consumer.consumer.SuccessResponse}}) response message

success_response: A SuccessResponse from consumer.complete()

signed_only: Whether to process only data that was signed in the id_res message from the server.

Returns a simple registration response containing the data that was supplied with the C{id_res} response.

void fromSuccessResponse ( $success_response, [ $signed_only = true])
  • $success_response
  • $signed_only
Constructor Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse (line 421)
Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse ([ $data = null], [ $sreg_ns_uri = Auth_OpenID_SREG_NS_URI])
  • $data
  • $sreg_ns_uri
contents (line 515)
void contents ()
get (line 506)
void get ( $field_name, [ $default = null])
  • $field_name
  • $default
getExtensionArgs (line 500)
void getExtensionArgs ()

Redefinition of:
Get the string arguments that should be added to an OpenID message for this extension.

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