Class Auth_OpenID_AX_Message


Abstract class containing common code for attribute exchange messages.

Located in /Auth/OpenID/AX.php (line 84)

Direct descendents
Class Description
 class Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest An attribute exchange 'fetch_request' message. This message is sent by a relying party when it wishes to obtain attributes about the subject of an OpenID authentication request.
 class Auth_OpenID_AX_KeyValueMessage An abstract class that implements a message that has attribute keys and values. It contains the common code between fetch_response and store_request.
 class Auth_OpenID_AX_StoreResponse An indication that the store request was processed along with this OpenID transaction. Use make(), NOT the constructor, to create response objects.
 class BogusAXMessage Abstract class containing common code for attribute exchange messages.
Variable Summary
 mixed $mode
 mixed $ns_alias
 mixed $ns_uri
mixed $mode = null (line 95)

mode: The type of this attribute exchange message. This must be overridden in subclasses.

Redefined in descendants as:
mixed $ns_alias = 'ax' (line 89)

ns_alias: The preferred namespace alias for attribute exchange


Redefinition of:
mixed $ns_uri = Auth_OpenID_AX_NS_URI (line 97)

Redefinition of:
ns_uri: The namespace to which to add the arguments for this

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